Hypnosis can help with anxiety

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Choosing a Hypnotherapist


Many people have commented that it is very difficult to compare hypnotherapists because they all have different letters after their name. This is because hypnotherapy is, unfortunately, an utterly unregulated profession. Anyone is able to call themselves a hypnotherapist.

Each training school has it’s own set of qualifications and therefore it’s own set of letters after a person’s name. Some people also use BA, or MA or BSc after their name. These are genuine qualifications, but are not related directly to hypnotherapy.


Each school also has it’s own Code of Conduct and it’s own Professional body. Some schools have more rigorous training and ethical standards than others. In selecting the right person for you, it is worth finding out the following:

It is important that you feel you can trust your therapist, and helpful if you like them! People who offer free consultations are usually offering the same service as hypnotherapists who invite you to talk to them by phone for a short while before committing to an appointment. Shop around, talk to different hypnotherapists on the phone, and be aware the price is not necessarily an indicator of the quality of therapy that is offered. Recently, there has been an increase in popularity of group Hypnosis. It is often offered for stopping smoking, and in big business to improve performance.

However, group hypnosis cannot be tailor-made for each person in the group (as it is in one-to-one hypnotherapy), so logically, group hypnosis is much less likely to be as effective as an individual tailor-made session.

Group hypnosis is rather like a clothes shop that sells one size only. If that size fits, great! But the likelihood is that one size will not fit all the people in that group.