Hypnosis can help with anxiety

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In some situations hypnotherapy is not indicated because it is not healthy to push a natural process forward too quickly. In these instances Amanda offers brief counselling, where talking things through is more beneficial.

For example, someone may come for brief counselling just after a death of a friend, loved one or even a much loved pet. It is normal to go through a series of emotions when suffering from such a loss, such as feeling completely devastated, or that you ‘should have done more’, or feeling helpless or angry – a roller-coaster of emotions. These are some of the stages of grief, and different people will feel these emotions in different orders and in different degrees of intensity. They may feel all of them, or some of them. Brief counselling may help to ease this process, but it is not appropriate for hypnotherapy to try to ‘switch off’ these emotions. Grieving is a process which needs to be gone through, but can be greatly helped by appropriate, boundaried counselling.

It is only if someone has become ‘stuck’ at one of the stages of grief and cannot move on that hypnotherapy is indicated.

Brief counselling may also be helpful in any very highly emotional situation before hypnotherapy starts in order for Amanda to have a clear picture of the situation, and in order to allow a relationship of mutual understanding and trust to develop.

Counselling can be very helpful in heightening awareness and understanding of the situation, enabling the client to have clarity. It is not about being given advise, or being told what to do.