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Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking can be as simple as a one session treatment. The biggest single factor in it working successfully however is the client’s genuine desire to stop. If you are being pushed into stopping smoking by someone else, and you really don’t want to stop – no therapy on earth will make you! However, if a part of you really wants to stop, there is no reason why it should not work. The success rate is very high and most of Amanda’s ‘smokers’ are recommendations from other ex-smokers whom Amanda has helped.

How to stop smoking with Hypnotherapy?

Unlike patches or other nicotine substitutes, hypnotherapy helps you to change your attitude to cigarettes (or pipes or roll-ups).

Most clients have mixed feelings about smoking: for example part of you wants to stop, but another part thinks ‘I’ll just have another one…’ – there is an internal dilemma. The part of you that doesn’t want to stop is the sub-conscious. When you first tried a cigarette your body probably told that you smoking was horrible. Maybe you felt sick, had a sore throat, coughed and felt dizzy, but despite this you continued smoking, because at that time you wanted to smoke. Perhaps it made you feel more grown up, more rebellious or glamorous, or maybe it was the only way you got a break from work. Maybe it made you feel as if you fitted in.

What-ever your particular reasons were, your sub-conscious got the message, and will still be holding onto it, believing it is still to this day helping you to be grown-up, glamorous, to fit in, etc. The decision you made to smoke in the first place is stuck in your sub-conscious, and there is no controlled communication between the sub-conscious and the conscious. Despite a part of you wanting to stop (the conscious or intellectual part), the sub-conscious (intelligent four-year old part) is very powerfully sending a message saying it’s important that you continue to smoke.

The session takes about an hour.

What happens after the stop smoking session?

At the end of the session some people know immediately that they have stopped. They may have a really bad taste in their mouth or be very conscious of their clothes smelling.

However, just as many people feel no huge disgust and knowledge of a big life-change at the end of the session, but what happens is that as they go about their normal routine smoking becomes more and more distant as time goes on.

Most people feel no craving to smoke after the session, even if they live with a smoker. Smoking becomes a little bit like watching someone eat your favourite meal, but you have no desire to eat because you’re full.

The majority of people don’t feel irritable or upset after they stop smoking either – they simply feel that smoking is something that they used to do. Because of this, they don’t need a ‘substitute habit’ after stopping, so will not be as likely to suffer weight-gain after stopping smoking with Amanda’s method.

Amanda puts the hypnosis part of the session on CD for you (or on your MP3 player) and suggests that even if you have no desire to smoke that you use the CD every day for a week to 10 days to re-enforce what has been achieved.